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Are you looking to brush up on your own personal makeup skill to update your hair styling and makeup skills? 

We can help as all of our hair and makeup courses are completely tailored to your individual needs depending on what you would like to learn. We offer private one-to-one tuition as well as group lessons in our studio!


Aoi's Makeup


1-to-1 MAKEUP CLASS                            SGD 350  SGD 600

Duration: 3 hours

We structure the day around your needs, based on what you want to improve on or simply learn from scratch. Whether you want to master contouring or perfect the smokey eye look or learn how to quickly transform your day makeup into a more dramatic evening look, we can show you how. We will teach you a range of professional techniques, tips and tricks that will give you confidence and a greater understanding of what really works when it comes to your make-up regime.

Here are some of the areas we can cover:

  • Skin care and face preparation

  • Choosing the correct foundation and concealer application

  • Blusher application

  • Highlighting and contouring

  • Brow shapes and correction

  • Eye shapes and correction

  • Eyeshadow application

  • False lash application and curling

  • Eyeliner and mascara techniques

  • Defining, correcting and colouring lips

1-to-1 HAIR CLASS                                         SGD 150  SGD 300

Duration: 2 hours

We can teach you how to blow dry your hair correctly or how to curl your hair using straighteners or tongs or perhaps you would like to learn how to change your look with a simple updo or plaits.


Aoi's Makeup
Aoi's Makeup
Aoi's Makeup


SINGLE ADVANCED CLASS                  SGD 300  SGD 380

Duration: 3 hours

Suitable for individual who wants to upgrade their skill on a certain hairstyle/makeup technique. We can teach you on the area you are not confident in and help you improve to have a better skill! 

Class outline

Upon individual request on hairstyle or makeup style.

4 DAYS PRO MAKEUP CLASS                SGD 1800  SGD 2000

Duration: 4 days

Time: 10am - 5pm

This course is designed for a student who wishes to learn make-up and apply new knowledge despite having limited time. It offers private lecture theoretically and practically starting from bridal makeup course. 


Class outline

Day 1 - Consult and get ready for makeup artist/ skin prep and edit 

  • Get to know cosmetics and makeup tools

  • Skin undertone and how to even out skin tone

  • Face analysis and different facial structures

  • Foundation and concealer application

  • Face highlight & shading

  • Powder setting

Practical study: prep skin for foundation, recognise skin type, reduce blemishes and blush up.

Day 2 - Eye makeup

  • Eye makeup technique false eyelash tips and trick

  • Eye shape adjustment

Practical study: suitable eye makeup for different eye shapes - put on false eyelashes for natural pretty look.

Day 3 - How to draw eyebrow/ put on lipstick/ makeup technique for various occasions

  • Day event and night event makeup

  • Outdoor photoshoot makeup

  • Learn how lighting affect makeup

Practical study: how to draw brows

Day 4 - Makeup practical test/ comments 

Student do a full makeup for a model for bridal makeup test and learn to balance overall look

Photo technique for portfolio

Learning content (focused on learning and teaching of personal individuality)

4 DAYS PRO HAIR CLASS                SGD 1800  SGD 2000

Duration: 4 days

Time: 10am - 5pm

Refine your skill and unleash your creativity with your hands! We will help you to strength your foundation and you can rebuild it to your own style! No need prior knowledge about hair required.


At the end of the class, you will be able to do 8 hairstyles or more. You will also get photos of your work which you can compile it for your portfolio.


Class outline

Day 1 - Basic hair foundation

How to section the hair

Tools usage

Products usage

2 hairstyles

Low bun, High bun


Day 2 - 2 hairstyles

French twist, Low pony tail

Day 3 - 2 hairstyles

Crown braids, Fairy Twist

Day 4 - 2 hairstyles

Thailand/Hollywood waves, Thai ponytail

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