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How I became a makeup artist - more like an incident

Updated: May 22

*Note: The post might be long because it is a journey about my career from the start.

Many people has questioned me these, "How long has you been in this industry?"; "When did I start makeup service?"; "Did you study your makeup here in Singapore?". Nobody really ask me why I became a makeup artist so I would like to tell you a story and it is a way to remind myself as well!

I always love fashion and makeup since I was young. I always pictured myself to be a super model although I know I could not be because I am so short (145 cm to be exact!).

One day, my friend came over to my house and she was putting a makeup for me because she was learning to be a makeup artist. I realised that being a makeup artist is kinda cool and you get to make people pretty! She was attending Cosmoprof Academy at that time so I joined in too just because of my interest as a hobby.

While I was working full-time as an admin, I studied makeup part-time after my work. I had fun everyday knowing new classmates, learning how put a different kind of makeup style. I also got to participate in Sea Games 2015 and Chingay 2016 as a makeup crew!

Although I worked in an office, I still dreamed of makeup and always imagined people around me what kind of makeup and hairstyle they should have. I was very much into a makeup and always bougth too many products that exceeded my budget. After I graduated from Cosmoprof Academy, I travelled all around Singapore during weekends to meet clients for studio shoots, apply bridal makeups and special occasion makeups too. I continued on with my love of makeup and kept on experimenting daily, gradually getting to know the products that worked better for my works.

Bad news came not long after that, my company went bankrupt and my job as an admin has ended. I tried to apply for jobs but no luck at all. Of course, I would want a guaranteed wage every month but it became the time to decide on my career choice. I went on with being a full time makeup artist.

Fast forward to today…

Today, makeup is still my full time job.

I always worried that I will not be successful because this career is a life work and how can I compared myself with those senoir makeup artist who have been in this industry for 10 years and more.

What I have is only "Positive Mind".

If I cannot do it, learn how to do it. If I'm not good at it, let's practice this again.

This is how I keep up with this job until now. To me, makeup is special. It helped me through dark days, it taught me to have fun again and more importantly, it taught me, even when you’ve had a bad day, you can take a look in the mirror, wipe it away and start a fresh again tomorrow. It’s not just a red lipstick, it is a confidence that you put on. It’s not just a concealer, it’s the secret to giving that bride the confidence to walk down the aisle with her head held high when she has a blemish she’s ashamed of. Choosing a makeup artist as my career was the best decision I ever did!

Words of love

Don't tell yourself that you are not beautiful, not successful or not capable. You can work towards your goal although it might take some time but it will be worth it.

Thank you to my husband, family and customers who supported me to realised my dream and pushed me to this point. I promise that I will not stop learning and work hard to be a great makeup artist.


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